The Copper Mountain Project

Grant of Copper Mountain Project tenement – E45/5384

CPC has been granted tenement E45/5384, after entering into a Land Access and Mineral Exploration Agreement with the Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Corporation, representing the Native Title Holders for the area over which the tenement is located.

The Copper Mountain Project is located approximately 360kms east north east of Newman and 60kms east of the Telfer Copper/Gold Mine site. The historical exploration activities undertaken on the tenement area include Normandy Gold in 1997 and more recently FMG from 2009 to 2013.

Application for additional tenement – E45/5751

CPC has also applied for an additional adjacent tenement - E45/5751.  It is over 2 blocks to the southwest of E45/5384 (see figure 1) and is currently subject to the 35-day Mining Act objection period, which will be followed by the 4 month notification period under the Native Title Act. 

Figure 1